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Nexium Prilosec Lawsuit
prilosec stomach cancer and heart burn antacid lawsuit

Prilosec Stomach Cancer Lawsuit

Has a member of your family suffered stomach cancer after taking Prilosec, an antacid drug used to treat gastric conditions such as heartburn and acid reflux? If so, your family may be due substantial payments for injury losses due to this defective drug -- and our law firm can help with a Prilosec stomach cancer lawsuit.

Stomach cancer -- also known as gastric cancer -- is difficult to diagnose until it reaches advanced and more damaging stages, since early symptoms are limited and vague. Unfortunately, stomach cancer also is very deadly and has a poor prognosis. In fact, stomach cancer is the fifth most common cancer and the third leading cause of death from cancer.

PPI Drugs Have Harmful Side Effects

For innocent users of Prilosec, stomach cancer risks arise because Prilosec -- with active ingredient omeprazole -- is among a family of drugs known as proton pump inhibitors, or PPI. All can produce harmful side effects. These drugs can ease gastric problems such as indigestion, heartburn, acid reflux and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), a condition which means stomach acid flows back into the esophagus and causes heartburn.

They do so by shutting down the body’s proton pump for enzymes involved in producing stomach acid. Essentially, their job is to inhibit the body’s production of gastric acid. But in doing so, they also can contribute to harmful PPI drug side effects, including stomach cancer, kidney damage, broken bones, pneumonia and even stroke.

Persons affected by such dangerous drugs have a legal right to claim payments from the drugs’ negligent manufacturer by means of a PPI stomach cancer lawsuit.

Long-Term Prilosec Use is Dangerous

Especially when taken long-term, Prilosec has been shown in medical research to contribute to a higher danger of users suffering stomach cancer. Since many gastric ailments are chronic and require long-term treatment, that means many people take too much Prilosec for too long, exposing themselves to potential Prilosec side effects such as stomach cancer.

Yet Prilosec’s manufacturer, drug giant AstraZeneca, has made no effort to warn the public and physicians of this risk, and thus more and more innocent Americans are being exposed to it -- while the drug maker reaps more profits.

According to trusted medical website, “Many physicians believe that long-term use of proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) like Prevacid (lansoprazole) and Prilosec (omeprazole) for gastroesophageal reflux disease (heartburn) can exacerbate atrophic gastritis in the body (i.e., corpus) of the stomach -- especially in people with H. pylori infection.” Also, according to the Harvard Medical School, “Ongoing use of PPIs might mask symptoms of gastric cancer or infection with H. pylori, a bacterium that can cause heartburn, stomach ulcers, and an increased risk for stomach cancer.

“Another concern is that chronic PPI use can cause polyps and atrophic gastritis (irritation of cells lining the stomach), although these conditions have not been shown to result in cancer in any study of long-term PPI use in humans.”

PPI Drugs are Big Money Makers

Prilosec is among six PPI drugs sold. The others are Nexium, Prevacid, Aciphex, Protonix and Pantoloc. Most are sold both by prescription and in milder, over-the-counter form. When purchased over the counter, users tend to self-medicate more frequently than if using prescribed drugs.

All are part of an enormous market for drug makers. Indeed, many billions of dollars are spent on such drugs, which are among the top-selling drugs in America. Medical News Today says PPI drugs “are one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in the world.” That means many people are exposed to the danger of suffering a deadly heartburn drug side effect such as stomach cancer.

Studies Show Prilosec Stomach Cancer Risk

Studies by medical researchers show a stomach cancer risk from using PPI drugs such as Prilosec. One study in Hong Kong found that those taking PPI drugs once daily had nearly five times the risk of developing stomach cancer as those taking them only once weekly.

Beyond the frequency of doses, it’s also been found in studies that prolonged or sustained use of such drugs also raises the risks of stomach cancer. After one year of taking a PPI drug, the risk increased by five times. After two years, the risk increased by six times. And after taking a PPI drug for three years or more, the risk rose eight times. The New York Times also recently reported on a study which suggested a connection between heartburn meds or antacids such as the PPI drug Prilosec and the dangerous side effect of stomach cancer.

Get a Prilosec Stomach Cancer Lawsuit

If your family member faces such a horrible result after taking Prilosec or some other PPI drug to treat heartburn or acid reflux, then reach out to our law firm for help. You can get a Prilosec stomach cancer lawsuit in your behalf claiming payments for your medical and healthcare expenses, any lost wages or salary due to the injury, and pain and suffering. As of September of 2018, more than 2,300 PPI drug lawsuits are pending in federal courts. These have been combined into multidistrict litigation, or MDL, to ease the legal process.

So far no settlements or verdicts have been reached in these cases. But the number of lawsuits has increased greatly in recent months, and the majority involve Prilosec as well as Nexium. Contact us today and we will quickly provide you with a free legal review of your individual case. Then you can decide if you want to proceed with a Prilosec cancer lawsuit on your family’s behalf.

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